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Common Dental Myths and misconceptions

Did your mom tell you eating sweets will rot your teeth?

Well after reading this, you are going to question your mom and feel repulsive at the same time. Sugar is not the reason for cavities in your teeth. Yes, you heard it right! Let’s dive into science for finding out the exact reason behind this traditional myth.

So when you eat any sugar may be it from candies, sweets, chocolates or from healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables, the small debris of carbohydrates sticks to the teeth. The bacteria in your mouth consume carbohydrates and release stinky acid. This acid further reacts with saliva to form a compound that your doctor warned you about. Yes, you are right that is the plague. From now onwards you know the science and the real culprit behind cavities. Now go and tell your mother about it and eat as many chocolates as you want, but don’t forget to brush your teeth before and after the meal.

Just like this one, there are thousands of myths and misconceptions that are prevailing in society right now. Myths are explained as stories relating to one’s tradition that influences the behavior in the treatment of illness. A study was conducted in Bengaluru in which 150 participants from different cultural backgrounds were questioned about 16 prevailing myths about oral healthcare. You will be shocked by the result of the study. The survey concluded that all 150 participants believed in at least one myth that had no relevance to the science of dentistry.

Do you use charcoal paste?

I know all these Tv ads, social media campaigns, and MNCs are capitalizing on using this toothpaste. The charcoal paste can damage the tooth enamel. The dentists from New Haven want you to know that charcoal powder is an abrasive substance that is akin to fine grit. Activated charcoal powder is used in cleaning rough substances because it peels the top layer to give you brighter colour. Actively using charcoal paste can do the same to your tooth enamel. Hence, dentists suggest using it occasionally to keep your teeth bright and smile of yours beautiful.

Have you ever tried dementing toothache with hot water or heat patches?

You believe that applying a heat patch to the painful area will relieve the pain. Well, you are the wrong since dentist believes otherwise. 

“Inflammation is the body’s natural response to any infection. Heat increases inflammation. Ice helps to relieve inflammation.” —Dr. Paul Silberman, Dentist in Waldorf. The heat will draw out the infection that may increase the swelling causing more pain. The cold water in the mouth on the other hand suppresses the infection. The gases present in the tooth will contract, resulting in a decrease in the pain.

Can Dental X-rays cause cancer?

The parents of young children are specifically worried about the radiation exposure from these X-rays. They are very skeptical about X-rays and believe them to be the cause of cancer. 

The scientific facts would prove it to be just a misconception. On average body is exposed to 3.1 millisieverts(msv) of natural radiation alone per year. The amount of radiation from dental X-rays is 0.005 msv which is 1.6% less than your daily radiation exposure. The probability of dying of cancer from Dental X-rays is 1 in 2000 compared to natural radiation exposure i.e 1 in 5.

Parents don’t worry about your children of dental diagnosis, it is purely safe and important for good oral healthcare.

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