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Deep Cleaning & Polishing

A dental technique called tooth polishing leaves your tooth enamel glossy and smooth. You may improve more than just the appearance of your teeth by having them polished. Combined with dental scaling, this technique can improve your breath and prevent tooth decay.

About teeth cleaning & polishing

Benefits of tooth polishing?

Plaque can be removed from your teeth by using tooth polishing. According to research, having your teeth polished doesn’t prevent you from developing gum disease, but it does cause you to have less bacteria.

Regular removal of the biofilm is necessary to maintain the health of your teeth and prevent cavities. This can be accomplished through twice-daily dental brushing, routine cleanings, and tooth polishing.

  • Consultation
    A suggestion from A dentist uses cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art equipment to treat problems with the teeth and gums. Dentists employ a variety of tools, including brushes, x-ray devices, and laser technologies.
  • Checkup
    Your hygienist will initially clean your teeth and get rid of any plaque buildup at your routine session. Scaling is the name of this process. The next step is for your dentist to check your teeth for cavities and other issues.
  • Treatment
    Your teeth are examined for decay and enamel blemishes. After flossing and applying a fluoride topcoat, your teeth are next buff and polished to remove stains.
  • Recovery
    Your teeth may feel more sensitive than usual after a comprehensive cleaning. This might persist for a few days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.How painful is the process of polishing teeth?

A. There is no discomfort involved in tooth polishing. Because you must keep your mouth open consistently while the cleaning is being done, you can experience some discomfort.

Q.When you clean it, does it bleed?

A.This treatment does not cause bleeding.

Q.Do teeth need to be polished annually?

A. No, it is never necessary to regularly brush and polish teeth. Only do it when necessary.

Q. Cost of scaling and polishing of teeth?

A. Depends on the amount of deposits and stains you  have

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