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How to take good care of your teeth naturally

The health of teeth and gums directly affects the health of our entire body. Daily brushing and flossing are great ways to have good and healthy teeth. It’s just the start, true oral health begins with nutrition and a balanced diet.

Doesn’t our parents force us to drink lots and lots of water at continuous intervals and always remain hydrated?

An old proverb Mom is always right! is true my friends. Drinking water at regular intervals especially before and after meals is a significant step toward good oral care. Water flushes away the food debris and bacteria from teeth and gums. It further dilutes the detrimental acids produced by bacteria in the mouth. Drinking water even boosts the production of saliva which is significant for minerals to be absorbed by teeth and gums.

Drinking water is instrumental in oral healthcare. It seems staying hydrated is the solution to all the problems. Now let’s dwell on more natural ways to retain your beautiful smile.

Ever heard of fat-soluble vitamins?

Fat-soluble vitamins help in dissolving fats and oils in the body. Vitamin A, D, E and K are fat-soluble vitamins. A diet rich in these vitamins has been known to improve the health of teeth. Nuts and seeds are rich sources of these vitamins. Excess consumption of these vitamins can lead to toxicity. These vitamins need to be consumed at a balanced rate to work in a positive way.

Did you know teeth are porous in nature?

Yes, you read it right! The teeth can lose or gain minerals. The key is to rehabilitate more minerals than the drop in the process. The process is known as remineralization. Mineral-rich foods help in the restoration of minerals. The foods include eggs, Himalayan salt, green vegetables, spinach, grass meat, dairy products, mushrooms and soft cheese.

The natural way to have strong teeth revolves around a nutrition-balanced food diet.

Have you ever tried Oil Pulling?

It works marvelously, results would astonish you. Oil pulling is where a high-quality edible oil such as coconut oil is swished around the mouth for 20 minutes. The process helps in removing plaque and cleaning teeth and gums. It further prevents the sticking of stinky bacteria in the mouth. If these bacteria are allowed, they produce an acid that erodes the tooth enamel and exposes the vulnerable dentin layer underneath. A regular routine of oil pulling helps in keeping teeth strong.

Now we have gone through the Do part, let us examine Dont’s.

This is a little hard but Don’t Snack!

Snacking at unusual times keeps the bacteria well-fed. These bacteria go on producing acid that weakens the tooth enamel. Moreover, the digestive system requires sufficient time to digest the food and rejuvenate. If you can’t stop snacking, make a habit to rinse your mouth before and after snacks. The water will dilute the sugars and help neutralize the effect of acid by boosting the production of saliva.

Remove Grains from your diet!

Grains contain an acid known as phytic acid that impairs the absorption of minerals like Zinc, calcium and iron. These minerals are most important for strong teeth. Since grains inculcate lots of vitamins, minerals and nutritional value. Nuts, seeds and grains can be devoured and consumed after they have been fermented.

Teeth grinding is a natural process, it happens when you are awake, sleeping on a subconscious level. It wears down the teeth and can lead to toothache. If you feel pain, consistent jaw aches, facial pain and wear-down teeth, immediately consult with the dentist.

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