Black Gums

Darkening or blackening of your gums can be completely safe or cause for alarm, just like other color changes to your gums. If yours have changed color recently, it may be due to mild oral treatment side effects or typical hormonal fluctuations. On the other side, you can be suffering from a hidden medical issue.

Black gum in teeth

If a layer of dead tissue accumulates on top of the gums, an infection may result in black or gray gums. Trench mouth is caused by the oral bacteria growing quickly, typically as a result of gingivitis. Lack of sleep, stress, and poor oral hygiene all contribute to the growth of bacteria.

1. Consultations

One of the surgical treatments offered to patients is to remove the discolored gum tissue using a scalpel. This method typically yields positive early outcomes, but they don't always hold. This is due to the fact that melanin-producing cells occasionally migrate into the treated area.

2. Check Up

Black gums' underlying causes are typically treatable. A doctor or dentist can identify a disease by looking for a variety of symptoms that are frequently present in genetic diseases. A person can identify and address any health issues early by keeping an eye out for changes in the color of their gums.

3. Treatments

The treatment of black gum is simple. The mouth will be cleaned by a dentist, who may also recommend antibiotics. Repeat infections can be avoided by using medicated mouthwash and maintaining clean teeth and gums.

4. Recovery

It could be able to undo the effects of smoking on the color of your gums. After looking at your teeth, a doctor should be able to offer guidance and assistance.

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Frequently Ask Questions

Some FAQ Questions related to this page

If a layer of dead tissue accumulates on top of the gums, an infection may result in black or gray gums. Trench mouth is caused by the oral bacteria growing quickly, typically as a result of gingivitis.

This is the term for a periodontal aesthetic technique that eliminates excess pigment and dark patches from the gums. Microdermabrasion and laser whitening are the 2 whitening methods that can be applied to build your new smile.

You should expect to pay anywhere from 5000 to 20000 INR for this treatment, depending on the doctor, the technique, the location, and other elements. The use of a laser is also an option.

No. The technique is not particularly painful and is minimally invasive. While the dentist works in your mouth, you will be numbed by dentists.