Composite Veneers

Porcelain veneers are fabricated specifically to fit your teeth. Composite veneers are often created from a tooth-colored resin, the same material used with tooth bonding.

Before you choose whether you need porcelain or a composite veneer, you should know what to expect. You should also consider just how much you’re willing to spend in these situations.

Composite veneers cost

The process of applying veneers is a time-consuming one, involved most of all with selecting the best materials for the purpose. There’s also plenty of work that must be done, as the work will inevitably be displayed once your mouth opens.

The price of a single dental checkup can vary between 500 and 1,200 INR. Pricing on a veneer in INdia ranges from 13,000 to 15,000.

Can composite veneers be removed?

Composite veneers can simply be discarded or replaced by adding more composite material.

1. Consultations

Your dentist will take into consideration the color of the resin when preparing it. It is important that you get a natural look with these and the most important thing is the color-matching.

2. Check Up

Your dentist can help you remove buildup plaque that your regular toothbrush can't reach. If plaque is left untreated, it may require additional procedures to gain access to the spot.

3. Treatments

A form of cosmetic dentistry treatment involving the application of tooth-colored resin to change your teeth's size, shape, or color, dental bonding is also referred to as composite bonding or teeth bonding.

4. Recovery

It's common to feel a bit hot, cold, and pressured following composite dental filling. The site where the injection is given may be sore.

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Piezosurgery is most advanced technology for surgical extraction of teeth and hard tissue procedures. It leads to micro cuts ,less invasiveness and quicker healing. We have been using piezosurgery for all our bone related surgical procedures like third molar removal, bone grafting etc since 2015.


Minimally invasive dentistry is possible due to higher magnification .Surgical loupes 3x,4x are routinely used at our centre.It enables us to do micro dentistry in our day to day procedures.It allow us be precise, minimalist and accurate thereby improving quality of our patients dental care.

Osseodensification Implant Surgery

Versah osseodensification is the most modern dental implant placing technology that we use in our daily implant surgeries. Versah allows us to extend implant placement in cases with narrow ridges, maxillary sinuses and other challenging situations. Implant outcomes are improved in poor quality bone and overall survivability is also increased.

Digital Radiography & Photography

We believe in complete care Dentistry. Digital Dentistry and planning tools allow us to capture patients initial situation in detail and subsequently explanation and patient participation in the treatment is supportive. Digital Dentistry at identity plus is the norm each day and for every single patient.

Guided Implant Dentistry

We use advanced CBCT planning and 3D printed surgical guides for advanced implantology care.We partner with best of dental laboratories in India and uses Worlds Top Dental Implant Systems.

Digital Smile Design (DSD)

DSD is not about smile makeovers only, it’s a broad philosophy where everything begins with face. A series of Digital Photographs and videos of patient face is made as per DSD PROTOCOL. The digital data is now exported in DSD planning software allowing us to establish balance between face, gums and teeth. DSD also allows to achieve the end result of perfect functional smile by being consistent from start of planning to final smile


Frequently Ask Questions

Some FAQ Questions related to this page

If you possess minor aesthetic improvements, teeth that are stained, discolored or ulcerated, much tooth enamel and good oral health, then you're a great selection for composite veneers. Your cosmetic dentist will review your teeth and provide you the best recommendations.

The organic polymer resin in these dental cements has been used to copy the look of natural teeth.

No it doesn't possess any health risk, They are fully secured and millions of people use it to secure his/her smile.

Yes, composite Veneer is one of the money effective solutions for your healthy smile.