Gummy Smile

When a gummy smile is displayed, it means that an excessive amount of gum is showing alongside one’s smile. Normally, two-third to three-quarters each of the upper teeth are visible while smiling, and the remainder of the teeth should be covered by one’s upper lip.

Often, patients deciding to visit DantSpa for gummy smile correction are concerned about their smile looking unappealing or unattractive.

Gummy smile correction

Various procedures are available for treating a gummy smile correction, such as a gingivectomy, crown lengthening, orthognathic surgery, lip repositioning, and Botox.

Cost of gummy smile correction In India

Prices start between Rs. 7,000 and Rs. 15,000 for a procedure that performs on one or two teeth, and between Rs. 30,000 and Rs. 45,000 if the entire gum line is affected.

1. Consultations

There are several techniques which can be used to remedy a gummy smile and help create a balanced ratio of gums to teeth.

2. Check Up

Many people are able to use braces and other orthodontic treatments to get rid of a gummy smile without needing to pay for expensive surgery, Botox, or potentially risky hyaluronic acid lip treatment.

3. Treatments

In this procedure, the gum tissue is removed to expose the greater part of the tooth's crowning and its gum line is sculpted to increase the height of the gum line.

4. Recovery

Recovery time following gummy smile treatment is a few weeks. Restrictions on diet linger for about two weeks as do restrictions on regular oral care.






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Frequently Ask Questions

Some FAQ Questions related to this page

As a gum-contouring method, gummy smile treatment recontours gums to expose more of the teeth and adds symmetry to the smile.

Short teeth with excess gum tissues around them or an upper jaw that is positioned too far forward may result in gummy smiles.

A complete medical and radiographic exam will need to be done in order to determine your candidacy for gummy smile correction.

A gummy smile procedure is not merely meant to enhance a person's natural beauty but also to guarantee full dental function.